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About Us.

My Brother’s Birdies started as a charity golf event that wanted to raise funds and awareness for organizations impacting the game of golf and making strides towards closing the achievement gap for young boys and girls of color.

In 2020, My Brother’s Birdies established 501(c) 3 status to expand its impact and create programming that makes a tangible difference.

Our Vision.

My Brother’s Birdies aims to provide the next generation of leaders with access to life-changing opportunities and mentorship through golf.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to facilitate opportunities for teenage and young adult minorities to learn how to play golf, gain exposure to career opportunities in the golf industry, and to introduce them to basic financial literacy education. We believe these opportunities, along with support from a network of peers and mentors can teach valuable life skills, build connections outside of familiar networks, and inspire young people to see beyond existing realities.

Core Values.

Our Core Values shape how My Brother’s Birdies operates as an organization, in the community, and with our stakeholders. Our six core values include:

Alignment of passion
and purpose.

Creating educational opportunities to level the playing field.

Supporting Diversity in golf through inclusivity.

Fostering collaboration and building relationships.

Supporting a safe environment where young adults can develop mentally, emotionally, and athletically.

Investment in people and communities.

Our Partners.

Our Team.


Justin Harrison


Erick Mitchell

Sean Glass

Derrick Dockery

BOARD OF advisors

Maurice Allen

Clint Sanchez

Craig Kirby

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