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Why Golf?.

Why learn golf?.

Golf blends three core concepts that we think are crucial as we think about preparing youth for the future: focus, expertise, and flexibility. While many see golf as a luxury, we sit it as a lifelong opportunity to develop one's abilities, connect with others, and build a sense of healthy competitive play.


Golf is very much like life. Goals appear easy to achieve until one begins to pursue them. With so many variables in the game, golf demands a depth of concentration over physicality and this help our youth be better prepared for a world of distractions.


For our youth to succeed in the future, they can no longer rely on learning just one thing. Over their lifetimes, they will have to learn many things, and possibly become experts in multiple domains. Golf provides a backdrop of continual growth and development. Each round and each practice session an opportunity to develop one's skills.


Golf is one of the few sports where every course is the same - yet completely different. By learning to play the game "anywhere" our youth are better able to see change as opportunity and adapt quickly.

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